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The Fabulous Magical Treasure (FMT)

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Mister Magic

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MessagePosté le: Dim 17 Sep, 2023 17:30 PM    Sujet du message:

The Fabulous Magical Treasure (FMT)

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Soon back in the cavern, the Fabulous Magic Treasure (FMT) will be documented in this room.
As this is a research game that will keep you in suspense for several weeks, read everything about this game carefully before embarking on the adventure.

And don't hesitate to ask me any questions, if necessary.

You will be kept informed of the exact date of the game's launch, as well as which bots will be your partners to progress.
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Mister Magic

Inscrit le: 15 Déc 2008
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MessagePosté le: Mer 20 Sep, 2023 16:54 PM    Sujet du message:

FMT Preamble

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FMT - Introduction
How to participe to this Adventure?

To participate in this great magical adventure, your avatar must have a KI which is able to read the red & green markers.
It is an open game for everyone! (It is not required to be a member of the Treasure Hood to participate at FMT) No need to know special techniques Skydiving, neither even the usual magic commands of Mimi Bot and Magic Bot.
Everything will be explained during your progress!

The Story

According to legend, just before the fall of D'ni, the notables of the city, the great masters of the guilds, feeling the end of their civilization had accumulated all their wealth and had hidden somewhere in the Cavern.
In 2011, some explorers had been searching for this treasure.

Through their experiences of skydiving, some were able to discover a part of this treasure well hidden in a cave where the vestiges of the Great Guild (Today destroyed) are always.
We still can see the barricaded door of this building on Aegura plaza.

This chest was opened with many indices that these brave explorers had collected during months of research.

What did they find?
That their courage and perseverance are their greatest treasure.
However, their quest was not in vain as they have could also earn gold coins : Dni$ which were the D'ni's currency.
But what they did not know was that this chest was only the visible part of the true hidden treasure of the D'ni civilization.
They could not find this treasure without the aid of magic. But now it is possible with the help of magical powers provided by the robots in the Cavern.

When I checked the memory of bots, I noticed a series of numbers and letters that I had not programmed.
I first thought that it might be a bug. I then cleaned all the memory and have restarted the bots.
During the Halloween party at Magic Kemo, strange phenomena occurred. But the most surprising was the appearance of an enigmatic avatar, unnamed. I first thought it was an intruder came sabotage the evening.
So I again checked the files of the bots to discover who was behind this ghost avatar. And this is where are these mysterious numbers and letters have appeared again.
It was then that I had an idea.
And if this avatar mystery had been sent me a coded message?

Finally, after many hours of research, the solution came to me.
These figures represent the coordinates of special places in the cavern.
The problem lies in knowing in which Age we can find these places.
Letters should help me find the solution. But, I'm still at the very beginning of my investigations. But I can not do it alone.
Why are these coordinates? What link is there with the fabulous treasure?

So I decided to share this adventure with you.
It will be a beautiful and long epic that you can experience in live, with the help of a bot.
If you want to be One of the explorers who will discover this Fabulous Treasure then read on ...
Here is the first code that I could find in memory of Magic Bot.
0 -298 145 AI421 Door

I learned that the first three digits (0 -298 145) were the coordinates of particular spots of an age.
The command Dropmeto will be helpful to reach these spots.

On the other hand, by cross-checking with the other series, I have concluded the rest of AI421 code must be sent to the bot when we stand near the place indicated in the last part of the code. So, here this spot is : Door.
So I have to stand myself near a door not far from where I has been teleported and I must send to the bot the code : AI421.

Remains to be known in which Age I could be teleported for being landed near a door ...
It is this part of the puzzle that will be the most difficult to solve.
What I can reveal is that after trying the command Dropmeto 0 -298 145 in several Ages, it is at Ae'gura City that the code works best. Does the letter A of the code : AI421 would be the first letter of Ae'gura? hmm
It is also the first letter of Ahnonay.
Maybe you will discover the meaning of this letter.

I also learned that the second letter of the code (I in this one) gives an indication about what will happen after sending the code to the bot.
I means that you will receive an important information.
The last point to clarify is the number 421 at the end of the code.
In all likelihood, this number is a control that allows the bot to validate or not the code it receives.

Magic Treasure (GameMaster)
To optimize the interactivity of this adventure game, 3 new bots were created.

The first is called Game Master if you're with him at Tcity or Magic Treasure if you're not at Tcity. Its #Ki. 26224.
He will greet you at the beginning of your quest.
He stands ALWAYS in Treasure City (TCity) so that you can, at any time, return to the city to recover your energy.

The second is Magic-Treasure (Take a look to the hyphen in his name.) # KI 24891

And the third is a female robot: Mimi Treasure #KI 21190

Magic-Treasure and Mimi Treasure are the 2 robots that you can move from one age to another with the command : Sendbotto (if you have enough experience to do so).
Note that if Mimi Treasure is connected, you can not send Magic-Treasure in the same age than her. That would be totally useless!
You learn very quickly to differentiate which commands you could send to the robot. And, of course, it will tell you whether or not it accepts them.

Magic Treasure Hood

It is in this neighborhood that you will always be teleported when you leave the FMT for rest.
On the imager of the Hood will be published notes and important pictures that will be useful for adventure.

Magic Treasure City (TCity)

Magic Treasure City will be your city of residence. But at the beginning of your adventure as you possess only some magical powers very limited, several barricades won't allow you to reach some parts of the city.
You could reach these places gradually in accordance with your level of experience.

Some buildings and some objects of the city will be very helpful.
For example, an items shop run by Zandi is located in a commercial building at the canyon near the Kadish Gallery.
Be patient you will discover this shop very soon.
Just remember Magic Treasure City (TCity) is the place where the Game Master will stand in to welcome you.

The Inventory book

As I told you earlier, this book will be given you by a well known woman in the Cavern.
She will come to see you in due course and she will offer you this Book.
Without this book, you will not able to embark you on the adventure because it will save your progress and it will update your level of experience, the Life Force, the Magic Power.
It calculates how many Dni$ you have got (currency of the cave) and it updates the objects you have found.
You can consult at any time your book inventory with the command : Inventory
Whether you are or not in the same age as the robot, PM this command to a bot of the FMT.

Now let see the utility of these levels and these objects.
Experience Level (Experience) (E)

At the beginning when you start your quest, your Experience level is 0.
This level will increase based on your ability to overcome challenges throughout the Adventure.
If your Experience Level is sufficient you will perform some trial, you will access to some Ages and to parts of the City.
You will discover the fabulous Treasury if it reaches at least level 100.

Life Force (F)

Initially, the level of your Life Force is 20.
This is the maximum level possible throughout the game
It must always be greater than 0, otherwise you will not able to continue the quest. You should wait it increases.
This level decreases when you use certain magical commands and in case of a fall, assault or poisoning.
It increases by 1 unit each 3 hours of rest or by absorbing revitalizing foods especially in the Tavern of Victor.

Magical Power Level (M)

This level is 10 units when you begin the quest and the maximum depends on your Experience Level.
More the level is higher more you can use a lot of magic commands.
The minimum level of 1 is required if you want to send a code to Game Master or to Magic Treasure.
It decreases by 1 unit when you use some magic command.
It increases, either by going to connect to the light meter (under certain conditions) or by absorbing some potions.

When the Experience Level reaches 10, the maximum Magical Power is 20
25, " 30
50, " 40
75, " 50
100, " 60

You will learn during the game what are the magic commands that you can use depending on your Magical Powers Level.

Dni$ ($)

The Dni$ is the currency used for your transactions.
Initially, you have 10 Dni$.
With Dni$, you can:
-buy items in the Zandi' shop

or potions in the Kodama's drugstore.

At Magic City, Zandi holds his trade in a shop near the Canyon, Kodama manages a drugstore in the tent of the Library.
To know the list of what they sell, position yourself near them and send the command :
List Zandi or List Kodama.
The objects and their prices vary during the game.

To buy an object to Zandi, Kodama :
BuyObject (BuyDrug) name of object

To sell an object to Zandi and only to Zandi :
SellObject name of object
When you sell an object to Zandi its price is equal to half of its purchase price.
For example, you may have bought a hammer that was worth 10Dni$ and later sell it for 15Dni$ because its purchase price, at that time T, is 30Dni$. So you could make a profit of 5Dni$.
But the reverse is also possible.
If an object is not in the list of items for sale, it is impossible for you to resell it.

You can earn Dni$ by selling to Zandi an item that you have got, as we have seen above.
You also will reap few Dni$ with the mini quest proposed by Game Master from time to time.
Finally, you will reap Dni$ in other places during your research.

The letter I in a code
This letter indicates you will receive important informations about your quest.
Take note of all the details. Often valuable indications will hide in this information.
I suggest you take notes.

You will discover little-by-little other things that will be helpful.
You will meet other explorers.
You could exchange ideas, discoveries and use all the resources that will be proposed in order to find the Fabulous Treasure.

How to start the adventure ?
Make sure that the KI of your avatar is able to read the red and green markers.
If Magic Treasure (Game Master) is standing at Magic Treasure City, join it with the commands Link or Meet and you could start the adventure with the command: Start Quest to register you as an explorer of Magic Treasure .
Follow the instructions and hurry up to get your inventory book.
Collect the clues that will help you discover the Fabulous Treasure.
When you exit the game, your progress will be saved in your inventory book.
But, the best way to quit the game is with the command : Quit Quest
When you use this command, your last position will be save. So, when you will come back in the cavern, you'll continue quest at the same place.
You will recover your clothes for a walk in public places and you will be teleported in Magic Treasure Hood.
To resume exploration , send to Magic Treasure (Game Master) the command : Continue Quest
This command is important because when you PM it the bot:
-You get your explorer T-shirt.
-You will continue the adventure where you had left and most importantly,
-your inventory will be updated with the points that you get when you are at rest.

To completely restart the whole game, use the command: Restart Quest.
Please note that this command is irreversible!

A few words before you embark on the adventure
At the beginning of the adventure you will receive an explorer outfit .
This outfit will change depending on your Experience Level.

As this outfit is not yet officially recognized by Cyan, you can never wear it in public area in the Cavern. Therefore, if your avatar wants to join these public area, you will need to remove your outfit before you go there. That's why I recommend you use the command Quit Quest.
But do not worry, when you resume exploration Fabulous treasure, this outfit will be automatically restored.

You could ask any questions about this Adventure.
Given that this is an Adventure Game and that the Spirit of URU always has been sharing information, the answers will be published ​​in a public way, so that each of them can benefit to the whole explorers. But if you need special help that would give too precise indications, such as the location of an object, for example, then send it in Spoiler.

Some characters that will help you in your quest (but you will discover others!)

The FMT will (re)open this Thursday, September 21, 2023.
Get ready for adventure!


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Mister Magic

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MessagePosté le: Mer 20 Sep, 2023 17:17 PM    Sujet du message:


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How to get help in the FMT?

There are several ways to get help in the Fabulous Magic Treasure.
The most commonly used command is : SEARCH . It gives you important clues and gives you the opportunity to discover important items.
Then, the command HELP gives specific help according the age in which you are when you use it. It's always a good idea to use it when you start a new level of the game.
When you are in the presence of a character of the DRC (like Victor, Dr Watson...), you can get help from him/her through the command INFO.
Sometimes you will use this command, there, where you have seen him/her come out (example : a door).
Depending on the mood of the character, the information they will give you will be free or paying. Also, you must wait 15 minutes between each information you get. I advise you to go meet those characters from time to time to see if they have an interesting info. If you get an information that you have already received, it is cuz him/her has nothing else to share with you.
Indeed, the informations follow an order and when you have got all of them, then the character starts again to give the first information.

There are two reader boards . They are located near the tent of the DRC in the plaza and one close to that of the library court.
Position yourself near them and send the command : TIP
This command is free if you wait more than 15 minutes before send again the command TIP, otherwise if it pays off.
Less you wait between two informations, the more Dni$ it will cost you.

To get infos from Zandi, Kodama and Victor, you need to be near the place where they are usually stand in and you need to call them by their respective names.

But there is another way to get help. It is by using the command : NEED HELP
When you PM to the bot this command when the bot is in the same age as you, he will contact all players of the FMT who are currently connected by telling them that you need help because you are stuck in the game.
The bot will give : your name, you #Ki and age where you are at that moment.
There is great solidarity among the players of the FMT. So, there will be at least one of them who can help you.
Use this command only if you have tried everything and you don't know what to do to continue.
Finally, you can ask for help in this forum. In the case it is a technical problem, I’ll answer you since I have access to your files. So I could tell you if there is a problem or not and what you need do to continue your quest.
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MessagePosté le: Jeu 21 Sep, 2023 06:09 AM    Sujet du message:

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Bien dommage que le lien est peu visible, disons pas assez pour nos amis anglais, je me permets de faire un copier-coller du lien pour l'insérer dans mon KI et le distribuer à mes amis clin
ondine KI # 06551797 - bianca KI # 06215318
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Mister Magic

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MessagePosté le: Jeu 21 Sep, 2023 06:34 AM    Sujet du message:

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Je t'informe que les liens en FR et EN sont repris dans les aides directes du FMT durant le lancement de la partie à TCity.
En outre, je l'ai également fait savoir dans le Discord Moula Events.
Bonne journée

I inform you that the links in FR and EN are included in the direct help of the FMT during the launch of the game at TCity.
Additionally, I also made it known in the Moula Events Discord.
Good day
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Mister Magic

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MessagePosté le: Ven 22 Sep, 2023 09:42 AM    Sujet du message:

FMT - Part2 - The Golden Pellets

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FMT Part 2 : Golden Pellets

Korenen, grand master of the guild of analysts, found a way to mass-produce Golden Pellets at Ercana .
He dispersed several indices which will help you to making Golden pellets.
Kadish, the creator of this age, has also tried to achieve it. Has he succeeded?
Maybe that would explain the gold accumulated in his safe.
He left you a device that will be very useful for this task.
This device will give you the opportunity to come back from Ercana with the first part of the Fabulous Treasure in your bag.

Once again, Miss Sutherland will welcome you not far from the meeting point that Yeesha gave you!
Remember, the encoded message that Yeesha gave you at the end of the preamble in Treasure City.

To access the second part of the adventure, you must have a level of experience of 10.
Find the linking book of Treasure Ercana, this book is hidden somewhere in Treasure City, use it and go meet Miss Sutherland with the command VISIT just before the book.

Remember that a special bot will be your partner in this age : Magic-Treasure (Note the hyphen in his name) (KI # 24891).
This is a clone of Game Master, which is still in Treasure City to welcome the new explorers and also to allow you to recharge your energy and magic levels, buy items and potions. hehe!
To go back to Treasure City send to Game Master (Magic Treasure): Meet

You will have to find three important objects in this age : A backpack, Kadish's analyzer and a smart card.
The smart card will be required to access places which are unreachable without it.
Once found, it becomes a permanent object in your inventory.
(Take a look to your inventory, by sending to the bot : Inventory)
When you find your smart card its value is 10 units.
At each time you will use it, it will decrease of one unit.
When your smart card is empty you need to charge it again.
In order to charge your card, you must come back at Treasure City.
Then, go to Zandy's shop and buy some units. 10 units cost few D'ni$.

Your quest at Treasure Ercana will end when your Experience level is 20.
Like at the end of the first part (preamble), you must find the Arch and also the linking book of the third part.

Be mine, Valentine.
For the second time, Froglet has made ​​us a beautiful picture of markers in the city.
Be mine, Valentine
This is Cupidon for Valentine's Day
You will automatically receive ending "Golden Pellets".
Thank you Froglet.

How to start as well as possible the Part 2 ?
To start the adventure of the part 2, as well as possible, we have to remember of some importants points.
1- Firstly, you will be able to go to TEr'cana if and only if your Experience Level is 10.
2- You must have received the Yeesha's code which allows you to gain access to the
part 2.
3- Find the linking book in TCity which teleports you at TErcana with the command VISIT

When you are at TErcana don't forget to check if the bot Magic-Treasure is standing in the same as age you
If you can't see the bot, you must wait that the bot arrives in the same age you.
If the bot is there, send it : Continue Quest
This command will initialize this magical age and will update your levels.

Like for Part 1, the code you obtained is very important.
Send to the bot : Dropmeto follows by the 3 numbers you have obtained so as to teleport you to a special place in that age.
You can, thereafter, always use this command if you want to return to this place.
Then, go to a place that matches with the last word of this message.
This will be easy if you know well the mapping of that age.
And as for the first part, this place is not far from the landing point that matches to the coordinates of the Dropmeto.
There, send the code that begins with EI.... Then Sutherland will greet you and give you the first informations.
Remember that you can always come back later to this place to get of Sutherland other important informations through the command : Info.
In this age you can find potions and energy rations. But do not forget that you can always return to TCity to recharge your magic points and vital energy. Simply send to Magic Treasure (Game Master) which still resides in TCity the command : MEET, if you want to go back to TCity.
Magic Treasure of TCity wears a beige pants while its twin brother, Magic-Treasure of TErcana, wears black pants and shoes...Less messy during its futurs travels. sourire

Sometimes the bot disconnects due to technical reasons. When he returns, in the same age as you, you will be forced to send him the MEET then CONTINUE QUEST commands. This will allow you to continue the quest normally.
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Mister Magic

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MessagePosté le: Lun 25 Sep, 2023 07:21 AM    Sujet du message:

FMT - Part 3 : The Manesmo's booty

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Part 3 : The Manesmo's booty

Shortly before the fall of D'ni, a man named Manesmo has bought the Island of Teledahn to CAPTAIN Ventus's guild.
Manesmo practiced the slaves trade!
The slaves have been brought to Rebek where they were to participate in the games similar to Ancient Rome's gladiators' competitions
This despicable trade allowed him to amass a lot of gold what he has hidden in a sealed place by a secret mechanism somewhere in Teledahn.
To grasp the Manesmo's booty, you have to find this secret mechanism.

Yeesha will be your partner in this new treasure hunt.

Link you to Treasure Teledahn either with the linking book at TCity or directly to Magic-Treasure or Mimi Treasure (KI # 21190), if the bot stands in TTeledahn.
Use the code that was given to you at the end of the second part and meet Yeesha who will give you more informations.
Remember that you should always be in the same age as the bot when you want to send to the bot your commands.

Also remember that Game Master always remains at TCity to welcome the new explorers and also to allow you to recover your energy.

How do I know where the bot stands in?

Simply send to the bot the command HI or HELLO.
If the bot is in the age that you want to go, linking you to it with the command Meet or using the command Visit on the linking book corresponding to this age in TCity.

Cliquez-ici pour voir le message caché (attention il peut contenir des solutions)

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Mister Magic

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MessagePosté le: Mer 27 Sep, 2023 17:35 PM    Sujet du message:

FMT - Part 4 : Atrus's Treasure

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Part 4 : Atrus's Treasure

During his captivity, Atrus had all the time, from the prison, to write a linking book written with golden ink.
After his release, he devised a series of puzzles in order to hide this unique piece.
At his death, his secret was well kept, until, during the restoration, Dr. Watson discovered a document which was as follows :

"I, Atrus, I bequeath my knowledge to the first person who will be at the origin of this discovery.
22 brilliant markers of the city reveal the 9 steps to take to finally know the secret of nine pillars of my prison.
If you are reading this message, know that it is in a special room in Ae'gura that you find the object that will enable you to decrypt these markers.
Let the Path of the Tree illuminates your steps!"

As usual, Magic Treasure has the keys that will help you solve the puzzles.
If your experience level is at least level 30 in order to knowing the new code that will let you know where you should go to start this fourth part of the FMT, PM to the bot: TREASURE 3

The fourth part is a bit special cuz it will require you to go to several other ages without bot.
You can use your own ages to capture markers. There is no difficulty to capture them (no skydiving).
Remember for sending a code to the bot, you should always be in the same age as the bot is in.

This fourth part starts at Treasure City. So you have to send your commands to Game Master which stands in TCity.
Then your quest will continue in the Great Tree Pub. There, you will need to send your commands to Magic-Treasure, if the bot stands there.

Last precision.

In the first step of this fourth part, reference is made to bright markers.
These are the markers of the city (with a red line in their middle) that you can't capture (yet).
They are at the same places as those of red and green marker quests that have been useful to calibrating your KI.

Sometimes these markers are not visible. This is because if you miss one of them and you move away, it disappears. If this is the case, you simply send the command: MARKERS to see it again.
A hint : Use this command MARKERS everywhere you think a marker could be there, and specially after have done a teleport or a dropmeto.

Do not worry, this may seem strange, but Dr Watson awaits you at TCity, He will explain it all again.

Another hint : Don't hesitate to PM him : INFO & HELP!
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Mister Magic

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MessagePosté le: Lun 02 Oct, 2023 07:51 AM    Sujet du message:

FMT - Part 5 : Kadish's treasure

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FMT - Part 5 : Kadish's treasure

"Hello explorer. My name is Blake Lewin.
I was the executive producer of Myst Online for Cyan Worlds.
I came here to help you find the Kadish's hidden treasure..."

This is with these words that Blake will welcome you at the halfway through of your adventure.

Kadish has wanted to die in his safe, as you already know.
But he took care to conceal, somewhere in this age, his most valuable estates.
Your mission will be to find the Kadish' s secret treasure.

This age is a huge area.
But thanks to Blake you should find it... Let's cross fingers.
(Don't forget to ask some help to Blake with the command : INFO)

As usual, you could link the age of Kadish by two ways :
1) You could do it by using the linking book of Kadish in the Library of TCity.
2) By PM to the bot (if the bot stands in Kadish) the command Meet (ou Link).

Remember that this part is available to you only if you have already finished the FMT4 in TGTP and if you have found the miniarche that gave you the code for Part 5.
If you have already finished the FMT4 part but that you haven't got the code
you can still get it .
Two ways to do that :
1) PM : HELP to Magic-Treasure in TKadish

Sometimes it happens that you don't see the white and blue tiles in the pyramid room.
If this happens, send the bot the command: TILES ON (in 2 words).

Good luck in this adventure.

An indication for those who do not know how to get to this place:
Cliquez-ici pour voir le message caché (attention il peut contenir des solutions)


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Mister Magic

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MessagePosté le: Lun 02 Oct, 2023 07:59 AM    Sujet du message:

Répondre en citant

You can also ask your questions in The Discord:
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Mister Magic

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FMT - Part 6: Ti'ana's riches

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FMT - Part 6: Ti'ana's riches

Her first human name is Anna , she is called Ti'ana by the D'ni and she was the first human being to marry a D'ni, Aitrus.
Her son, Gehn, married to Keta had one son: Atrus.
Atrus with his partner Catherine has had two sons (Sirrus and Achenar) and one daughter : Yeesha.

It is in TCleft that Yeesha will welcome you and will help you find her great-grandma Ti'ana's hidden wealth.

When Ti'ana lived in the Cleft with her son Gehn, she has stored up her objects stemming from trade she made with the caravaners of the desert.

She continued this trade when she has educated her grandson Atrus.

The Cleft is in the desert near Eddy County, New Mexico (USA) on Jeff Zandi' s property.

A system of tunnels known as the "Great Shaft" was created by the D'ni to reach the Surface as from the Cleft to go to the Cave. Unfortunately some of the well has been destroyed.
It is in one of the rooms (called Eder Tomahn) of these galleries that Ti'ana has piled up her valuables.

Ti'ana has imagined an access code to this room. With the help of Yeesha and perhaps of Zandi, you will try to find Ti'ana's code which will lead you to this room.

Meet Yeesha to get help thanks to the code you received after finding the Mini Arch in TKadish.

To meet Magic-Treasure: it's always the same :
-Find the book in TCity and PM : VISIT
- PM : Link (or Meet) to Magic-Treasure ( if you see him online of course, as usual ).

I wish you good continuation of this adventure.

Tip regarding 2 markers in the "Great Shaft".
Cliquez-ici pour voir le message caché (attention il peut contenir des solutions)


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FMT - Part 7 - The Treasure of the Great Zero and GZP3D

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FMT -Part 7: The Treasure of Great Zero & GZP3D

Before I upload this part of the game, I need to give you some important information about the coordinate system.
Read the following carefully, in order to fully understand the missions to be accomplished in this part.

In the year zero of D'ni Era (DE), surveyors established the zero point at the pinnacle of their capital city : Ae'gura.
It was also at this time that Ri'neref was crowned first king of D'ni.

The line which started from this point was aligned with the magnetic north of the Age.
The Monument in which you will get to meet Dr. Victor Laxman, was built on this site called "Roon Gahro" in D'ni language or "Great Zero" in our language, at the D'ni coordinates 0,0,0.
When you complete the 15 missions markers of Great Zero, your KI is calibrated and it allows you to view D'ni coordinates of where you are in.
Unfortunately, these coordinates are only visible in the city and its neighborhoods.

Here is the reason :
Your KI is a basic device that was used by the "ordinary" people of the city.
For these inhabitants, it was unnecessary to determine their position in other ages, since most of them did not leave the city.
They used this device primarily for their communication means (KI level 0).
But a KI of Level 1 was granted to dignitaries, after they have been initiated into how to locate specific points of the city, in the anteroom of the Great Zero.
This initiation was continuing in the great hall of GZ.
Their initiation completed, the dignitaries could leave messages everywhere in the city and in other Ages by dropping off tags which could only be opened by those who also had a KI of level 1.
During the Restoration of the Cavern, this kind of introduction was made possible thanks to the reactivation of these special points commonly called "markers".
The dignitaries who traveled a lot around the areas of the city had to be able to quickly see where they were standing.
It was necessary to calibrate their KI to see the coordinates of the places they usually frequented (KI level 2). This allowed them to be able to accurately drop tags and leave messages to those authorized to see them.
To calibrate their KI, they used one of the calibrators of the back room of Great Zero accessible only to those who got a Ki of level 1.
The other Ages, outside the city and its neighborhoods, had a relay of Great Zero, which allowed visitors with a KI of level 2 to locate themselves.
Unfortunately, these relays have been destroyed during the fall of D'ni.

With our current technology, Magic-Treasure is able to act as a relay and thus is able to give the coordinates of the location to a visitor who is in the same age as it, and it is no longer necessary to have to calibrate our KI in the back room of the Great Zero to get these coordinates, it is necessary to use another procedure.
This will be the target of your mission in this game : Get a KI of level 2 useable in all ages, and more ....
Let's go to TZero (Treasure Great Zero) where Dr. Victor Laxman is waiting to give you all his informations on this subject.
Use the Code given by your last mission so as to locate him and talk to him.

Who is Victor Laxman?
(extract from : )

Born on June 14th, 1958, Victor Laxman received multiple Engineering Degrees from the University of Cambridge before joining the Royal Navy from 1978 to 1990. Victor first learned of the restoration efforts from Dr. Watson in early 1995 before joining the DRC from 1997 to 2004. After Dr. Watson left the DRC in 2004 he became co-leader of the DRC until it disbanded due to a lack of funding. In December of 2005 Victor Laxman first approached the other DRC members about restarting the restoration efforts and joined the DRC once more in 2006.
Unlike the other DRC members, Victor doesn’t oversee any particular phase but is instead in charge of all aspects of restoring D’ni technology. In particular, Victor is responsible for translating D’ni technology to English and making it work with human technology. He also led successfully a joint-effort with explorers to re-calibrate the Great Zero. He also oversees explorer's recent effort to re-establish the daily light cycle generated by the lake algae which was interrupted due to the Fall of D'ni. In early November he departed with his colleagues to the surface to look for other funding sources.

Coordinate systems in the cave.
1. D'ni coordinates

Take a look of that map
D'ni coordinates have 3 values : Toran, Shahfee, Elev (or Toran, HSpan, VSpan) ( Angle, Distance, Height = Altitude)
You see, while above, the flashing red beacon Great Zero.
This is the origin, the zero point of the Age. (0,0,0)
The central line which goes from the GZ toward the center of the Kerath's Ark is line 0 Toran (angle measurement D'ni)
By looking at the Kerath's Ark from the plaza of Ae'gura, the angle increases in the clockwise and makes a full turn of 62500 Torans (360 degrees).
So, 1 Toran = 360/62500 = 0,00576 degree.

Now look at the concentric circles. They represent the second coordinate. This is Shahfee (or HSpan) or the distance in relation with the Great Zero.
The unit of measurement is the Span.
Note that when you look at the Kerath's Ark from the plaza, for example, the Ark is at the magnetic north of Age.
1 Span = 4,064 metres

Finally, the 3rd coordinate, not visible in this map, is Elev (or VSpan) or the altitude in relation with the Great Zero,
also expressed in Spans.
Angular limits of the City extend from 4000 Torans East to 57000 Torans West (ie around 23 degrees East, 32 degrees West).
For example, the Ferry Terminal is located at an altitude of -93 Spans and plaza at -80 Spans.
The center of the Hall of Kings (dot 17 on the map) is at the coordinates :
Toran 58425 , Shahfee 45, Elev -76

2. Absolute Coordinates
When you ll have finished the part 7 of FMT, your GZP3D will give you your position, no longer with D'ni coordinates but in absolute coordinates much easier to use.

These are the Cartesian coordinates, that we all used to use to locate us in space:
abscissa , ordinate, altitude.

The Great Zero will be no longer the reference point, but of course the center of the Age in which you are standing.
Take again the example of the Hall of Kings.
In this new system, the Hall of Kings is located at :
Abscissa 281, Ordinate 54, Altitude 291 in relation to the center of the Age of Ae'gura.

With this system, you will be able to define your position in ALL Ages!

I hope these explanations have been clear.
Soon, this seventh part of the FMT will be operational.
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Mister Magic

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That's it, this part 7 is now restored.

To get this part off to a good start:
Send Magic-Treasure to TZero.
Connect with him (LINK or MEET).
Thanks to the code left by Yeesha at the end of part 6, go talk to Victor who will explain everything you need to know to get off to a good start in this new part.

Here are 3 images that can help you:

Location of the 10 FMT16 markers:
Cliquez-ici pour voir le message caché (attention il peut contenir des solutions)

How to jump on the rocky peak of the Bahro cave in town:
Cliquez-ici pour voir le message caché (attention il peut contenir des solutions)

How to jump on the Blue Calibrator:
Cliquez-ici pour voir le message caché (attention il peut contenir des solutions)

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FMT - Part 8 - The nests of the Bahros

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FMT - Part 8 - The nests of the Bahros

Dr. Michael Engbergat TCity will guide you through this part.
Thanks to him and your insight, 6 Bahros will take you to their nest to find the pieces of the map of the Route of the Arch : your next quest.
Many puzzles to solve await you to complete this part: reflection, sense of observation, race against time, etc...
You will learn what they expect from you.
Many more hours of adventure where everything you have learned will come in handy.

For those who would like to review the D'ni figures:

Cliquez-ici pour voir le message caché (attention il peut contenir des solutions)

Reminder of some commands learned in the previous parts:

Cliquez-ici pour voir le message caché (attention il peut contenir des solutions)

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Mister Magic

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FMT - Part 9 :The Route to the Arch

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Part 9th: The Route to the Arch

The map of the lake of Ae'gura

Mr. Blake Lewin is your guide in this new part.
He will explain you how to get the power to walk on the water of the lake to get to the door of Kerath's Arch.
This route is full of pitfalls that you need to outsmart by collecting items in different ages.
Thus, you will meet the lake monster, the whirlwind, a large rock, a wreck, the Pirate and the Witch of the lake.
You will need a key and a code to open the door of the Arch.
Finally, a treasure is to be discovered somewhere in the middle of the lake. But Yeesha will tell you more.

To know the code from the Part 9th send to game master in TCity, the code: TREASURE8
I wish you good luck!

Important note
For the realization of this part, I had to force to mix some parts of Jalak, so, I created a new City called TLake, so as not to disturb the players of previous Parts.
I advise you, when you leave Tlake, to QUIT the game to eliminate Jalak elements from the memory of your computer otherwise that could be disruptive in other ages. It is, as usual, the problem of mixology.
But this minor inconvenience will soon be forgotten when you move on the lake, you will understand why it was necessary.

Part 9th starts at TCity. It is only when you have to walk on the lake that you will be teleported to TLake.

TLake works exactly like TCity. So you can visit the Zandi store, the Kodama store, Victor's tavern and the light meter.
But I particularly advise you to use the announcer near the Kodama tent because it will give you (TIP) really useful information to successfully complete your crossing of the lake.
Additionally, you will need a lot of Magic Points to cross the lake. So stock up on magic potions!

To obtain the markers which will give you the objects to thwart the lake traps (FMT19) you can use your own ages or those of the FMT or even the magical ages of Magicbot.
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Mister Magic

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FLT - Part 10th : Ae'gura, The City of Light

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FMT - Part 10th : Ae'gura, The City of Light

This 10th part is the last part of the FMT.

You will have to open the Portal of Tcity which will lead you to Ae'gura, The City of Light.
This ultimate quest will be for you the longest and the more difficult to complete.
But at the End of the journey the Light will be!
You will discover the City of Ae'gura such it was before the D'ni 's Fall. Hmm...
Almost...Cuz since you know it, the End is never written...

A cleaned and illuminated City will be your final reward thanks to the revival of the Algae of the Lake.
You will attend in live in this great event!

Yeesha awaits you in the City to help you to find the Ancients' Medallions.
To know the last code you need to access to this last part, go to TCity and PM to the bot : Treasure9
I whish you a lot of fun for the End of your Adventure!

After the Quest :
Keep illuminated The Cavern and get more Dni$

Since the explorers have illuminated the cavern by restoring photosensitivity of the lake algae, they can earn Dni$ by throwing regularly pellets in Lake of Treasure Of Light City (TLCity).
Given the increasing number of new treasure hunters who complete the FMT, the cave remains at a high level of illumination.
You can get a Ki note with the command: NLAKE

The light of the cavern is produced by the photosensitive algae from the lake.
You can see it has the color of the sky is clear blue when the light is at its maximum and black when the algae produce more light.
The maximum power of brightness produced by algae is 555 (= 100%) and decreases by 5% every hour.
To know the percentage of brightness of the lake, go near the Luxmeter and use the command: STATELAKE.
This command also will give you the total reserve of pellets contained in your backpack.

If your reserve is insufficient to regenerate the lake algae, returns to TErcana to cook new, like you did with the golden pellets .
Only pellets made exclusively with diamonds work perfectly.
So, to illuminate the lake, you have to cook pellets only with diamonds.
According to our information, there are 3 places in TEcana where you can find diamonds. It is thanks to the ANALYZE command that you will be able to find these places and thus collect them in your backpack.
If you cook 1 diamond sample, you will get pellets with a total power of 100. With 2 samples, the power is 250 and with 3 samples, the total power is 555, which is the minimum value needed to regenerate algae of the lake as much as possible.
You can make as many pellets as you want. Their values add to the power already contained in your backpack.

To drop a pellet in the lake, use the command: DROP
With this command you use a pellet which has a power of 555, regardless of the residual power of algae.
In return, you receive Dni$. Here is a great way to increase your wealth!
The exchange-rate of the pellets varies according to the principle of supply and demand. More supply is high, the less the exchange rate is high. In other words, the more the brightness of the lake is low, the more the exchange-rate of the pellets is high.
The maximum of Dni$ you can get by throwing a pellet in the lake is 555 Dni$. To get that amount, throw the pellet when the brightness of the lake is at 0%. So if you throw a pellet, while the brightness of the lake is 50%, you will get 50% of 555 , that is to say 277 Dni$.
So here you face a dilemma : wait long enough before throwing a pellet to get the most possible of Dni$ and use your reserves of pellets the less often possible at the risk to be beaten by another player. What will be your strategy?

Last minute...
I heard that, since the lake algae produce again light thanks to pellets dropped by explorers, more and more Bahros are coming back to live in town.
So they use energy for their personal and collective needs (lighting of buildings, kitchen, etc ...).
This has the consequence that the power of the lake decreases faster than before at certain times of the day.
The minimum loss of light energy is 5% per hour. This is necessary for maintenance of the cavern. The light meter now shows energy loss peaks up to 20% per hour!
That is why, new data has been included in the announcements made by bots: average hourly consumption of energy by the lake algae.
More than ever, we need explorers to recharge the lake in TLCity by throwing pellets. But in return you can get mostly Dni$.
I remind you that the lower the energy level, the more Dni$ you receive in return.
In order to leave a chance to all explorers, you can throw a pellet every 12 hours into the lake.

Thank you to continue to feed the lake algae. The future of the cave depends on it!
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Mister Magic

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FMT - Progress report of the explorers

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Progress report of the explorers in this Fabulous Adventure:

Progress as of 10/31/2023

10 Aylin, Cornelia, zoitsa
9 debora
8 bianca, Lauritz, NChaka
4 Hirondelle
2 ben1
1 Sarina

Those who are just starting out: Akhnot, Aricilia, Atizia, Britta, Conny, Dahmpa, Franklin, joker, joker2, ken1957, michaeld, RolandMavHungary, UrsWRolandMavHungary, UrsW

Podium of money collected by throwing pellets into the lake, for the month October:

1 Aylin (4281 Dni$),
2 Cornelia (3649 Dni$)
3 zoitsa (0 Dni$)

Thanks to this score Aylin wins the first Golden Arch!
Scores are now reset to Zero. A new classification will be made on November 30.
Who will, perhaps, surpass Aylin's score?
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